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Mail Order Brides

Mail order brides are as popular as never before. The internet changed the way we see online dating and allowed millions of people from all over the world to communicate. It eradicated barriers and brought a new era of online dating. It is quite common for a modern man to find a wife online and create a strong family with someone who shares their values and culture.

Mail Order Brides - Websites to Build Families

While online dating websites are often perceived as places where you are looking for a quick hookup or a one night stand, a typical mail order bride website is a platform for those who want to build a family or consider committing to a long-lasting relationship that may eventually blossom into a marriage. It is the core difference between your Tinders and OkCupids and reliable mail order bride services that focus on a completely different product.

If you are looking for a wife, there is no better place than a marriage agency or a specialized mail order bride service. You will be able to browse through a massive catalog of women who registered specifically to find a husband from abroad. Many women are quite honest about their preferences and reasons to be mail order brides. They want financial stability, opportunities to explore new cultures, and a man capable of protecting them.

In many ways, mail order bride allowed western men looking for traditionally raised, conservative women to marry. Multiple studies conducted over the course of the last decade indicated that contemporary western women do not pursue marriage opting for career and self-development instead of raising children and housekeeping. For obvious reasons, conservative men who want to create families and have disposable income do not appreciate such development in society.

Mail order brides from more conservative countries like Vietnam or Ukraine offer these men opportunities to meet partners ready to focus on building a strong family. A mail-order wife is a huge thing for western countries for this reason exactly. As recent studies indicate, over 5000 women arrive in the US alone via mail order bride services. The number is expected to grow substantially by the year 2020.

Tips to Choose the Right Mail Order Bride

What are mail order brides services?

There are several ways of conducting a mail order service. One of the most common ways is building a website akin to a regular online dating site with features like online chats, emailing, media files exchange, and so on. You go to such websites and register. You will need to pay for premium in order to message more women and talk to them without any limits. These websites are international online dating platforms where users are usually a little bit more inclined towards building a long-lasting relationship.

If you need a wife, online services like huge dating platforms are good choices although not the most effective ones. However, you will spend less than you would on a specialized service from a marriage agency. Girls for marriage often inhabit such websites but many do not look for anything serious just like on any other online dating website.

Another method of looking for a wife online is going to a specialized marriage agency that operates globally. Such companies have their exclusive catalogs of women who are seeking a husband specifically. These services are often very expensive and require some commitment from you.

Businesses combining both methods also exist in the market and provide their services to thousands of customers across the globe. Choosing the right mail order bride service is crucial for the success of your romantic endeavors. If you consider foreign brides as your main dating prospect, you should be very careful when selecting a website where you will look for international brides.

Learn mail order bride prices not to be surprised

“Email order brides for sale” sounds a little bit too harsh and unfair. It is not like we are into human trafficking or something. However, there is a price to looking for a wife online. As mentioned previously, the vast majority of online dating platforms usually extract a fee for their services and premium features such as unlimited messaging and access to private files and images of all users.

Marriage agencies require you to pay for their services including searching for potential suitors, giving you access to their databases, and handling all legal aspects of the process. Many marriage agencies arrange special tours for their clients allowing them to visit countries where their future wives live and offering them a chance to meet them in person. Such trips can be quite expensive and will require you to commit both financially and time-wise.

What many people do not realize is that a huge part of expenses related to mail order girlfriend services is actually small things that add up. For example, expressing your feeling towards someone living abroad is no easy task usually involving buying expensive gifts and continually paying for premium memberships on various websites. Many men have to or choose to talk to multiple women at once in order to increase their chances to meet a future wife. Paying extra for unlimited messages is quite common.

It is hard to estimate potential expenses. Some men spend a couple of hundred bucks and get lucky while others have to commit significant financial resources to meet a woman of their dreams. Predicting how much you will spend on searching for a wife is virtually impossible. It depends on a plethora of factors and your own generosity.

Revealing Stereotypes about Mail-Order Brides

Despite our best efforts to make the world accepting and free of prejudices, we still judge each other based on stereotypes. Some of them hold truth while others not so much. We want to talk about several stereotypes that are prevalent in western society in regards to mail order brides who usually come from the east.

  • One of the things that many men from the western world think about mail order brides is that they are not very bright or undereducated which cannot be further from the truth. Education systems in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries of Eastern Europe are rated very highly in the world often compared to that of the US and Western Europe. Women from the east are smart and make great housekeepers.

  • Another stereotype that many western men share in regards to eastern women that all women from the east are shy and overly conservative. While it is true that on average a woman from Ukraine or Vietnam is more conservative than an average woman in the US, there are many free-thinking, open-minded women who will surprise you with their ideas and views.

  • What about housekeeping? If there is one widespread stereotype about women from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, and Asia holds any truth, it is the one that describes them as capable housekeepers. Many girls in eastern countries are raised to be housewives and learn how to cook delicious meals and clean the house at a very young age. Most women from these countries are very good at creating cozy homes for their families.

Mail order brides legislation in the USA

As American single men search for their future wives abroad, the American law is still not determined in whether it wants to make the process of naturalization of mail order brides easier or harder for the US citizens. As of right now, there are two critically important acts — VAWA and IMBRA. Both legislative documents were conceived to ensure that women arriving in the US are protected from potential abuse.

VAWA stands for the Violence Against Women Act. The act protects women from domestic abuse and outlines legal consequences for abusers and potential actions for a victim. Sadly, there have been multiple cases when an abusive man “imported” a wife from abroad and committed violent crimes against her. Women arriving in foreign countries often do not know the local culture and even language making it hard for them to escape such abuse.

The second act is the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act. The statute addresses various aspects of international dating and marriage. The act forces men to disclose some personal information about them including information about finances, marriage history, and criminal history if it exists. This information should be provided to marriage agencies. The idea behind the statute is that it will help mail order brides avoid potentially abusive relationships.

There are no prohibitions or limitations on to whom an American citizen can date. However, you should comply with all legislation that addresses dating and marriage.

We help you find a right mail order brides website

Since there are literally hundreds of various websites that either offers online dating services or allow you to search for foreign women looking for American husbands, finding the right website for your particular situation may be tricky. Our main goal is to help you make the correct choice. A relationship that develops into real love and a couple that turns into a family can be created on these websites. However, you need to know which websites are safe.

Our approach is quite simple: we review these websites as users and participants of the industry. We look at all aspects of service:

  • What kind of technology does it use?

  • Is user experience comparable to contemporary standards?

  • How many users does it have and how active are they?

  • Do they comply with international law?

These are questions that we try to answer when reviewing each website. Every minute detail is impossible to notice but we always try to review each service as well and thoroughly as possible in order to give you the fullest information on them. If you consider paying for a mail-order bride, make sure to check out our latest reviews and blog articles!


How much a mail order bride cost?

We get this question a lot and want to say two things: it is an inappropriate question and there is no answer to an appropriate version of it. You do not by a mail-order bride. In a civilized world, it is called human trafficking and won’t be tolerated by either society or law. The cost of looking for a mail-order bride is a different question and comes with a tiny mountain of minutia.

If you are a member of an online dating website that offers you an opportunity to meet a woman from abroad, you will be paying for premium features such as unlimited messaging and checking out private photos posted on the website. If you go to a marriage broker, you will pay a fee for each date and will be forced to pay for their special services and access to databases. Arranging meetings on foreign soil or flying a mail order bride to your country is also an expensive move just like buying gifts.

How to get a mail-order bride?

The easiest way is to choose one of the websites that we reviewed and create an account. Websites that offer you an opportunity to meet women from abroad usually work much like online dating platforms where you create an account and start searching for potential suitors. You will have access to huge catalogs of mail order brides and can start conversations at any moment. Hesitation is your worst enemy when it comes to dating internationally.

You may also consider going to a marriage broker. However, their fees are substantial and you may not be able to communicate with a woman before paying a huge fee. In fact, many marriage brokers still operate offline offering you access to a printed catalog with often outdated information about brides.

How do mail order brides work?

There is nothing particularly complicated about mail order brides services. You register on a platform and search for a woman that suits your preferences. Then, you start messaging her and, if the fortune smiles at you, create an online, long-distance relationship that may blossom into something more given enough time. If you feel that you are really connected to the person you like, you will be able to meet them IRL either on their soil or on your territory.


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