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Russian brides for marriage


Why foreigners are looking for Russian wives? Answer is in a personality

If you are serious about looking for a Russian woman as a partner, you should also be familiar with the Russian women's mentality and personality traits of a Russian woman. Many let themselves be fooled by the first impression and only afterwards do you realize that the mentality of women is not clear. Before you go on the first date, find out something about the Russian women's mentality. We briefly explain how this is and what characteristics a Russian woman brings with it.

How To Find A Wife There?

In the traditional sense, a character describes the personal characteristics of a person, on the basis of which his moral behavior is based. So simple as a person ticks and why this person shows a certain behavior pattern or temperament. It is precisely these behavior patterns that have to be deciphered and learned how to deal with the temperament of a Russian mail order bride.

The characteristics of a Russian woman are different. Although many strive for the same goal, there are exceptions as everywhere else. Basically, however, the characteristics of a Russian woman are very similar.

Family values for Russian girl

Russian women characteristics

Russian women characteristicsRussian women dress extremely feminine and stumble on the asphalt on Monday morning in high heels. Most Russian women are slim, apply make-up like a model every day, care for their fingernails and stand out due to their unusual hairstyles. No wonder that these women are so popular in the men's world.

But not only that, women from Russia want nothing more than to be able to enjoy their lives without need, because Russian women often come from poor backgrounds and have missed a lot. Flirting, traveling, partying and shopping are activities that almost all young Russian women love. Many Russian ladies also dance in clubs and bars and are happy to receive compliments. The Russian woman is thus a lady worth living with, with whom you are guaranteed to have a good time.

The mentality of the Russian woman also plays an important role. Russian women are more open to new things or other people than other women. This is true and can be explained quite easily. Community cohesion is still very important, especially in rural regions, which are very common in Russia. This cohesion is also important for the survival of a community. Women from Russia are used to communicating with unknown people and are not shy about it. Why Russian women are open to new things can in turn be explained by the fact that Russia is not a rich country and therefore Russian women are open to experiencing things. The evidence mentioned has a positive impact on the character and mentality.

Tips to Choose the Right Mail Order Bride


First date – some life hacks

There are certainly no generally valid tips for the first date. Every man has different ideas about the perfect first date and therefore different tips. But you can see that naturalness and informality are much more popular with men than the mega-big show. So just be yourself and feel good. This is perhaps the most important tip of all.

What People Say About Mail-Order-Bride

Russian Mail order brides are:

  • Loyal.

  • Spirited.

  • Passionate.

  • Funny.

  • Family loving.

  • Jealous.

  • Superficial.

A Russian woman appreciates her beauty and strong charisma. For this reason, she knows exactly which strings to pull to wrap the man around the finger. It is not uncommon that something is lied to. Believe the Russian woman doesn't always do everything right away. But as I said, there are many exceptions that never lie.

Are Russian brides legal?

Yes, it is absolutely legal.

What kind of men do Russian brides look for?

One thing should be said: Russian women have class. And they also look for it with their partner for life! In contrast to western women, they are less concerned with their external appearance. This is not a question of the well-trained man from the model catalog, but of a man who brings inner values  such as respect, loyalty and care. The topic of family is also very high for a Russian woman. So if you don't plan to start a family, you won't have a particularly good time with Russian women.

So you should:

  • Goal-oriented, hardworking and independent.

  • Confident.

  • Caring, domestic, fond of children.

  • Be tender.

How much does it cost to get a Russian bride?

An average of, pursuing a mail purchase bride could cost you against $5,000 to $30,000, as well as the instance with Russian girls is certainly not various. There are many different forms of costs you might face therefore let us look closely at them.

Guide to Finding Your Perfect Russian Bride (tips)

1. The outfit for the first date

"She shouldn't try to go all out from the start. A totally sexy outfit on the first date is not mine. Instead of sitting in front of me like a mega vamp, she should - at least in the beginning - rather relaxed, humorous and personable After all, you want to get to know each other first. "

"Unfortunately, super high heels do not work at all! To be honest, I hate everything that is not natural. So if she gets stuck to 15 centimeters on the first date, then I'm out. For me, naturalness is the most important thing on the first date!"

Give it a little effort

"My last date came to me without taking the slightest effort with her look while I was getting ready for the meeting. If you want to please someone, that's part of it. I was real in that case which is disappointing. "

2. Who pays on the first date?

"When the bill comes - whether after dinner or a simple coffee - she shouldn't systematically assume that I'm paying. At least she should pretend to be looking for her wallet! Of course I would invite my first date anyway, but anyway ... it's a question of principle and courtesy! "

"Which is also totally disgusting when the girl assumes, at the end of the restaurant visit, that I am paying without making any effort to pull out her own wallet."

3. Where to go on the first date?

"You shouldn't meet me in a trendy bar just because it's super hip right now. In some bars it is so loud you can only shout at it. Most of the time I invite my dates home for dinner. Um To arouse my interest, she must love life and all the beautiful things that go with it. Above all: good food and good wine. If a woman clearly enjoys my dishes and has fun eating, then she has won my heart!"

"She shouldn't suggest going to the cinema for the first date. This is not particularly suitable for getting to know each other, because you only sit next to each other in silence. And there is one other thing she should refrain from doing: let yourself go and tell her entire pre-love life."

4. No sex on the first date: is that so?

"As for the famous question of whether you go to bed with someone the first time or not: there is no rule for me. It's a matter of feeling. In general, any kind of calculation should be avoided on a date: that falsifies just the game. Directness and spontaneity are better. "

5. What is well received? 

"In any case, it has to be open, very simple. Nobody needs prejudices and deadlocked opinions. I like spontaneous, uncomplicated and courteous women who, for example, just talk to the neighbors in the café. When a conversation is going smoothly and you are well understood, there are actually no taboo topics for me. "

"I love it when a simple after-work cocktail with a girl spontaneously drags out into the middle of the night. Very important: With a lot of imagination and little artistry, she has the best chances with me!"

Attention is a key

"I like it when a woman anticipates my desires, even if they are only insignificant details: if she gives me the salt before I ask for it, if she suggests a film that I really wanted to see, if she did it for me ordered a second glass when I have to spend a few minutes for little boys or on the phone. This is not just nice, it also shows that she is attentive. And I like that! "

6. ... and whatnot?

"She shouldn't be constantly comparing like," You see, you are at least so and not like that idiot of ex! "You have the stupid feeling that one day you will be the next idiot. And that's not a particularly tempting idea . "

"It really scares me when a woman constantly messes with everything instead of having fun. The wine is too warm, the food is too cold, the dessert is too sweet ... This is actually my most important tip for dates: Don't complain about everything . And I don’t really like gossiping and teasing. "

7. How much should you reveal on the first date?

"I think it's good when a woman talks about her ex-friends. It's strategically interesting. It helps me to assess the situation better: I know whether I am able to do better than the predecessor or can avoid it making the same mistakes he did and doing things she hates. "

Do not play directly with open cards

"I like it when a woman doesn't immediately reveal her intentions in relation to me. I find it more exciting to feel that the matter is not yet bungled. I like challenges! My tip: Be mysterious to seduce a man!"

8. What is the top, what is flop?

"It touches me a lot when a certain amount of closeness immediately arises between two people who don't know each other at all. When a look, a smile or a joke is enough. There is nothing better than being on the same wavelength right away! she also talks about sex without any taboo, then: Wow! "

Tell without a period or a comma

"I start from the principle that a first date is there to get to know each other better. So when a woman starts chatting with our table neighbors, goes on the cell phone every five minutes or talks to the waiter forever, that's what really drives me to despair. If I bore them, I don't want to stop them! "

"She shouldn't have a monologue. After two hours she told you her whole life and doesn't know anything about you. Apparently she doesn't care who I am. Everything has happened!"


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